Wouter & Nadine

OK... so this wedding was one for the books .. First of all, it was in BOTSWANA !! So it was an entire weekend event where all the friends and family stayed on the bride's dad's farm (www.tantebane.com) where everyone had the best time.
So Saturday morning the weather turned for the worst and father of the bride went to town to find a marque tent. So all the set up that was done, had to be re-done at double speed time. All the guests jumped in helped to set up before the ceremony started (some even stayed behind to set up). During the ceremony the rain started dripping, and after the ceremony, as we took the group photo, the rain started pouring down ! There went all our ideas about where we wanted to take the couple shots out the window ... and we ended up in the cowshed ! Which turned out to produce AMAZING photos and such a cool story. Luckily Nadine & Wouter are two of the coolest people and were game for anything. Wouter is an old PUK student, and as we all know, they love to serenade the girls... this was one of the highlights of the reception, where he and all the men practised a song for Nadine. He was also not shy to announce (and brag) that one of the reasons he asked Nadine to be his wife was her amazingly toned calves, as seen in one of the pictures below (LOL).
Thank you so much for trusting me to capture the photos of your special day! It was truly one of my favourites and I will always remember the day !