I was so extremely excited that Suzanne & Wynand asked me to take photos of their second little Smit, as I was there for their first newborn shoot too ... if you remember little Klaradyn ... she is the super friendly little blonde girl in the best bubble bath ...obviously... ;)
Anyway, little Nina-Maria was just as sweet, and so easy to photograph, just like her little 'big' sister a year and half ago :)

Heres a note from mom Suzanne:

Nina-Maria took us by surprize: one moment we had her 32 week scan and the next we were holding her in our arms. All within 24 hours. Despite her prematurity, she was perfect in every way: 10 toes, 10 fingers, perfect little nose and everything else. Within a week she was discharged from NICU. Her name means "full of grace" and "beloved" which both proved to be a reality in her life from the outset.

Klaradyn is her older sister, and they are 17 months apart. Klaradyn often kisses her new sister on the forehead. We can already recognise the same pattern in their delicate features but with their own unique traits. We know they will be BFF's soon!

As with Klaradyn's room, we opted for a muted palet instead of traditional pink: a spectrum of pastels with a "Dream" theme. The theme spontaneously came together. The decor in her corner of our room was carefully selected and has some handcrafted Etsy products. Hopefully the dreamy pillows symbolise a full night's sleep soon!...

There was no argument that Joni should do the Nina-Maria's newborn shoot; she did it for Klaradyn in such beautiful tasting and we absolutely love her natural approach. Although she is now based in the Cape, she made the effort to visit her regular clients in Gauteng for a few shoots.