CLEAR... BRIGHT... FAMOUS ... A message from her parents:

Klaradyn is our first born and she is the first grandchild on both sides of the family. Her name means 'clear, bright and famous'. We were immediately drawn to the name even before we got married and the meaning sealed it for us.

We were especially excited that she would be a spring baby, as it was symbolical to new life and a new season in our lives, hence our nickname for her, "Lenteliefkind".

She was born approximately a month prematurely due to minor complications and spent 5 days in the neonatal ward before receiving the green light to go home. Although not a long time compared to other premature babies, it is commendable how she has shown resilience and her strong will. We are truly thankful for a healthy baby and those few intense days only mended the new family bond even stronger.

We have chosen her bunny-themed room for the newborn shoot, as it is decorated with gifts from family and friends who shared in our excitement of her arrival, giving it a personal touch. When we decorated her room, we decided on coral and mint as primary colours instead of the traditional pink with a touch of on-trend geometrical patterns.

Her wall unit travelled with us from the UK and we find it extremely useful in organising the baby products and her clothes. The grandparents were involved in the DIY part (the doors' colours were changed from red to a soft grey, but it was not quite that simple...) whilst Mommy and baby were in hospital, making it even more special.

Joni from Pretty Pictures was amazing in capturing special moments on the day. She was brilliant in styling the shoot and went the extra mile in time and effort. It goes without saying that she's been appointed as our family's photographer for the years to come due to her attention to detail and easy-going personality!